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Be able to use formulas with Children on analysis charts

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Right now it is NOT possible to use Formulas at children level on analysis charts.


It is only allowed normal metrics for children.

Also it is necessary to do a workaround if the parent has not the metric of the children:

- Select all entities

- Select the metric on the children level

- save it

- reopen it

- select an entity filter with the parents


The formulas can only be used directly at same entity level !!


The workaround for formulas is to create an AutoETL, but it is much better to have a simpler solution:


- define the entity and the level to report on the analysis chart

- use the metric filter at that level (if parent and children, or just children, etc..)

- metric or formula should not matter


That way we can report on metrics or formulas at children level using the parents to group them, without having to use workarounds and extra ETLs.


Thank you


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