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BSA cache sync performance must be improved

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During the provisioning, we are creating datastores dynamically. To continue with the provisioning the datastore must be known by CLM otherwise the placement advisor will raise an error.


We have 39 vCenters in BSA registered but only using 3 of them in CLM.

In the log we can see that the PFM BBSA cache sync is requesting information from all vCenters, that are regisiered in BSA.


Furthermore the sync process requesting datastore update information for all clusters wihtin the vCenters. The problem is that the response each reponse inculdes all datastores (not filtered by the clusters).

That means that with one request all datastore information are available but the sync process send the request for each cluster.


In total the result is, that the sync runs 2 up to 3 hours until a new datastore is also available in CLM an the provisioning can be continue.


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