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AVM AD Java Agents to monitor both App Performance as well as the JVM level

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With the current AVM Java Agent  the agent monitors only the Application transaction/code level metrics where the JVM level metrics are missing for the Application Server type on which the application is running.
However the Application Server JVM metrics can be achieved by Patrol KM Deployments for the App server type. But the KM configuration requires App server details like  admin host, Admin  Port, Admin console User ID, Password, SSL type, Env path etc.


Having the above type of deployment to monitor the JVM and Application which is currently provided by BMC has following disadvantages
1) Information is scattered at two different places to look for when resolving a issue.(Java Agent and KM).
2) So much dependency for KM on Patrol Agent and App server Configuration (For example Weblogic KM on Patrol Agent and Weblogic Application Server configuration). More maintenance and Administration work involved when something changes (versions, patches, certs, admin user name, password etc) on either sides.
3) Maintaining multiple KMs for different Application servers, Versions etc.
4) Maintaining multiple Infrastructure Policies for the type of KMs.



It would be great if the Java Agent installer can monitor both the Application at byte code instrumentation and also the Application server which can be achieved by combining the KM features and Java Agent which will make the Administrator job easy and very user-friendly to monitor and diagnose the issues quickly.
I will be great if it Provides ability to custom instrument based on how deep you want to go.
Also, Have all metrics (app diagnostic and APP server) in one place, Comparing the performance metrics of the same application on multiple servers in a cluster, regular expression search for quick search which will be very intuitive and will help in troubleshooting issues quickly.




Same applies to .NET  Agents.
Combine .NET Agent+ Internet Server KM for IIS.



Could you please look into my request.


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