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Let's make Notes and WO Descriptions support HTML -to embed images instead of attaching

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Many times in responding to a ticket, I want to paste screenshots for my users to help demonstrate the solution.  It's cumbersome to have to "attach" files, both the submitter and the recipient.  Would like to be able to paste my screenshot in the description or note so that it's all documented easily within Trackit.  Right now, I will use email for that purpose then try and remember to update my ticket of my correspondence.


By the same time, when a user submits a ticket, either via email or through the interface, they should be able to cut/paste their screenshot directly in the ticket, not be forced to "upload".


This would be a HUGE improvement for our team.  Don't you agree?


This was implemented for Technicians in 2020 R1. There is another Idea for self service here - Add screen-shot images by pasting into Self Service description field


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