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Required -Windows Process  - Additional Functionality/Capabilities - TrueSight

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Hi All,


We We have Critical application comprised of 250 windows 2012 R2 STD VM running on Windows Hypervisor,

it uses TCP Port 99xx for communication with DB/Mainframe as back-end and it uses xxxxx.exe running as process.


We have requirement to monitor windows process ie xxxxx.exe.This is very critical for us.


when this type of xxxxx.exe's running on VM Hyper-v/VMware and other virtual Environment it will very helpful if

the following parameter should be enabled with KM


1)Process CPU Utilization - Alarm/Warning

2)Process Memory Usage   -Alarm/Warning

3)Process Status - Down /UP

4)Process Virtual Byte /Working Sets - Alarm/Warning


Gururaj javali


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