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Service Broker : Creating Service Catalog : Relate Services with KCS

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Hi Team,


Whenever any service is created for example related to application access provisioning, there could be some ITSM KCS articles related to the application on which Access to be provisioned. As of now, all the knowledge pertaining to target system for which access is provisioned is accessible only in the MyIT Seach in the form of KCS Articles.


Problem Statement : How Catalog admin can combine & maintain this KCS Article knowledge associated with the Catalog of the service?


Possible Solutions:

  • One would suggest to copy the KCS article information about target application, however that would be redundancy of data.
  • One might also suggest to add the hyperlinks of KCS articles, but end user need to click on each & every article (no preview available)


Improvement required :

  • We know that MyIT knowledge articles reside in ITSM, and SB Services reside in Service Broker. Both the systems are different. However , there should be provision by which Catalog administrator while creating the services in SB can link Knowledge articles with the service.
  • This should facilitate end user to view all linked knowledge article for any given service.



Sanket Mhatre


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