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Dashboard Widget: A Top-N Widget for a modern interface

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So, the Top-N widget doesn't provide any use beyond making a dashboard look pretty.  The following will give users a widget that could really modernize the presented data in a TrueSight Dashboard.  Development bonus: All of the data is present in the system it is a matter of capturing it in a widget.  In fact, the old TSIM Views and Graphs presented more data then the current widget:

TSIM Agent actions can show you more information:



Following are the ideas that can go into a good Top N Widget followed by the mockups I made using similar data to the above. 


  • As stated, the old TSIM Views and Graphs gave you a TopN graph that listed bars but also gave  you a table of hosts, instances and data.
  • I should be able to select individual hosts or devices.  Right now it is either "ALL" or "Group".
  • The widget should allow you to view the data as a bar OR as a table (or both).
  • The bar graph should highlight bars that have crossed a threshold instead of just being green.
  • Each bar in the widget should allow you to click-through to a performance graph.
  • Each bar in the widget should also allow you to click through to a table listing all of the underlying processes instead of just the one.
  • The table view should allow you to add multiple metrics AND allow you to choose the sort column: So I could have a top-N process showing CPU% and Memory utilization but sorting by memory.
  • The table-view should allow me to click through and view the underlying processes associated with the parent process creating a new table.  You could also present that table as a TOP-N.
  • The table should also allow me to click-through to see a performance graph.
  • The TOP-N should allow me to see "CURRENT" OR time-frame.  I could then create a side-by-side dashboard showing a 2 day top-N vs. current.
  • The CURRENT select should pull the data directly from the agent and is transient data that doesn't persist in the DB.  This way we don't have to create monitor instances for all the processes.




Please note: all the percentages and counts don't fully add up.  I spent more time then I should have just making the screenshots so don't be harsh.



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