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MyIT/Digital Workspace Truesight Cell Connection IIWS

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i ran into this issue versions ago but now on 3.3 i saw the same behaviour. when using the IIWS connection to read the services from a cell and the IIWS does not have a cell configured in the mcell.dir file that is named "local" the connection is not working and so the services cannot be read


11:24:04.362 | scheduledExecutorFactoryBean-9 | ERROR   | c.b.b.m.s.s.ExternalServiceServiceImpl | Couldn't get external services by ids. Exception is {}.

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Execute API 'QueryComponentsByCondition' failed. Reason: Error in add connection to ImpactManage: local.  Exception message: Cell local is not registered in directory.


my idea would be to not expect a cell entry for a cell "local" hardcoded in myit on IIWS or to get the list of cells available (service enabled cells) to select from, or this should be documented at least





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