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Automatic Certificate Update for RHEL 7 Patch Catalog Creation/Updates

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Red Hat has changed their process with the release of RHEL 7 for patch download subscriptions and now require a certificate that is generated by them randomly.  Since BladeLogic requires this certificate to pull down updates or create a patch catalog, if the certificate has changed the catalog update will fail.  The customer then has to monitor scheduled catalog updates for failures and manually fix this or find a way to automate this themselves.  This is a huge inconvenience to BladeLogic customers.


BMC should work with Red Hat as their partner to find a solution and automate this so when Red Hat changes the certificate it is automatically updated for BladeLogic.


Please see further information on this communities post:


BSA: RHEL 7 Patch Catalog update job is failing "URL returned error: 403 Forbidden"


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