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Search engine in Smart IT to show actual searched item first

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Currently Smart IT search engine does not show the actual searched item on top. This makes it difficult logging a duplicate ticket since it requires more clicks and time to perform the action.



When we have a master case we usually have a lot of duplicates. To be able to attach one to the major incident we log the duplicate and then try to relate it to the master one. As the search engine in Smart SMP is set in such a way to spit out all associated information that has anything to do with the searched item (e.g. ABCD) it will populate all tickets where the ABCD string is present. The issue here is that unfortunately the search engine does not prioritize and put on top the actual searched string but it uses some kind of algorithm where it will show all the duplicates first but not the one we’re actually searching for, e.g.:



As there’s a fixed limit in Smart IT search to show only 50 results, if a master case has more than this number of duplicates it becomes impossible to directly find such a master case (or try to relate a duplicate to it for that matter) so we need to find it browsing through one of the already associated child ticket’s relations. This adds even more time and clicks in handling a duplicate ticket.




Every duplicate ticket handled by Service Desk teams takes ~30 more seconds to be attached to the master one.
30 sec * 325 duplicates (for a single master case) = 162 minutes additional time for a sole major ticket


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