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Smart IT - Public Comment on Incident Status Update to Resolved

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Enhancement for better Incident Resolution Communication with the Customer.

In the Status Update "wizard" for Status Resolved. The pop-up needs to extend the comment (Note) function with option like (Public, Type, Attachment) same as already designed in Smart IT Incident Activity function.

If you use the Work-Log entry Type "Resolution Communication" & Public to inform the Customer about the Resolved Status and the Solution. You don't need to customize any notification rule or Mail Template.

You can use worklog notification OOTB and MyIT (DWP) will show the Comments under the Request. The User has a history stored in MyIT and the Incident Solution is visible in MyIT.


Current situation:

The Update Windows (Status Update) to Resolve the Incident has a Note Field ONLY for internal Work-Logs.

To inform the Customer with any Update or Solution, you have to go back to the Incident an create a new public Comment for the User.


Expand the Status Update Form with the possibility to mark a note as Public with the different Type of Comment and add Attachment.



as is - Update Status Form:  "Resolved Incident"



add Note with function like this:


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