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MyIT Service Broker : Profiling Services

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We do have one usecase, and that is not supported by As is MyIT SB 3.3 version.


Usecase :

Let's take an example of 'Exchange Account'.

  • Now services like 'Exchange account' can be requested only once in employee's engagement with the organization.
  • If Employee has already received 'Exchange Account', there should be 2 more options associated with Exchange Account (Change & Remove)


Expected Scenario :

  • Let's say, Service broker has profiling feature such that if Exchange Account has been requested and fulfilled, then it would be shown in the MyStuff.
  • Now Employee, can see the Exchange service in the MyStuff, and if employee wants to change the parameters of exchange account, then by clicking service, he/she can trigger the 'Change' request for the already completed service.
  • it could also be possible, employee wants to remove the exchange account. In that case, employee can go to Mystuff, and by clicking on the service, he/she can trigger the removal of the 'exchange account' service. Once service is successfully removed, it should be removed from the MyStuff.


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