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Share dashboards on Truesight Presentation Server to specific users or user groups

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I would like to suggest BMC to implement a feature on Truesight Presentation Server that allows a dashboard to be shared to a specific user and/or user group, instead of sharing it to all available users on a Truesight's Tenant.

Some examples where this feature could be great are:

- An IT Operator wants to create a dashboard with detailed metrics and share it only with the team members.

- A Team Leader that wants to create a dashboard with its team's SLA objectives to share it to company's leadership.

- A Business Manager that wants to create one dashboard for each application with relevant KPI metrics and share it with the respective Business Client.


More examples could be applied.

In all these cases, it is important to control who has permissions to see which dashboards available on Truesight environment.


Please vote on this idea if you also think this feature would be great and want BMC to include it on Truesight's next version.


Thank you.


Rui Rito


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