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Monday as Week Start Day

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Sorry but the world is only USA ? Why there is no way to get Monday as First Week Day at least in Date/Time choice and In Change Calendar Console.



The Change Calendar is Higher Priority as this is really confusing for the users.

Hello BMC, here in Europe we start our week on Monday. Please give us (the little group of your customers) also the possibility to get the User Friendly Interface...


@EDIT (04.05.2017)

Working further with the Calendar I think following will be also quite useful:

  • Possibility to choose the displayed timeframe more dynamically
    • Ranges (month,week, day) are ok. but the choice from calendar should be first day that I want to see. This will partly solve also the problem with Monday first.
  • The actual displayed status should be stored in some field so it could be sent to Reporting.
    • Field1 - Filter which is actually defined (choosen) in Calendar
    • Field2 - Actuall displayed timerange (1st day - last day)

      Example: I filter a timerange and Changes Risk 1 and I have a Week Timerange on my screen. Now I press Report. It would be nice if I could send these info to reporting and don't need to use Show Additional Filter





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