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Automated Utility to update ARS/ITSM/SRM etc Server References

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The need to update 'Server References' when moving a DB to a new environment is an important but lengthy task and is required at multiple points during the lifecycle of an upgrade project. Server Reference updates are also required when there is a need to copy a Production DB into a Dev/Test/Sandbox environment. Failure to update these server references can lead to invalid data, broken links within applications and even missing images (within SRM for instance).


When we informed the customer that this was necessary at multiple points, their first question was "Why is there not a tool to do this?"...


Longterm, BMC should focus on redeveloping elements of the suite that depend on server references so as to align with best practice development standards. Server references should be dynamic/relative, however due to the size and complexity of the suite, it will be take time and major release to relign the workflow to this position. In the meantime and to cater for current/legacy products, a tool is the next best option.


BMC need to provide a supported utility to achieve this, a utility that will detect the installed software versions and update the relevant references with the new hostname value entered by the tool administrator, the tool must support single-server and server-group installations. Consultants out in the field spend a lot of time on this exercise, we also have to struggle through the many conflicting/different guides out there concerning which forms need updating - we are also discovering new forms which are not documented on each occasion.


There are unofficial non-BMC tools available in the market, however they do not include the update of all references, nor are they reliably updated on server pack/version releases - neither would it be advisable to use un-official tools on a customer site.


This is a task that severely needs formalising officially - I am fairly sure that my fellow consultants would agree that this is currently a very frustrating task which also affects project margin.


** UPDATE 06/02/2012


I had a thought, it could be even more awesome if this facility was built using workflow into AR System itself as part of the 'AR System Application Console', then it would have no reliance on 'software', it would also be easier for customers to update to cater for any custom forms.


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