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Smart IT: Please support active Hyperlinks in all Kinds of Text Fields

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In a modern application, regardless whether mobile, client or browser based it is a standard feature to recognize a URL (or URI) as an active hyperlink.

Copy and paste any http: or ftp: or file: urls (or their secure equivalents) to a word document, an excel sheet, to your mail clients, in your messenger app (e.g. WhatsApp) to social platforms (Facebook, LinkeIn, etc.) you name it, and you will always be able to click on the hyperlink without any extra configuration or action and the destination will open (if destination is available and permissions are granted, of course).


This is standard nowadays. But not in Smart-IT.


Please, have a look at the following discussion:


Smart-IT: Is it possible to embed an active URL into the character field of a document description?


We think, this is a bug, but BMC told us that it works as designed and asked us to create an idea. (Interesting design, BTW, for a web based or mobile New User Experience in 2017)


Our RFE is: Enable Smart-IT to be able to provide active, clickable hyperlinks in every text field.


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