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Create Linux Patch/Update Op Rules

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Much like our Op Rule to Patch OS X devices we need to add a couple of Op Rules for Linux devices to patch or update. This can be limited to several flavors to ensure consistency.

  • Red Hat
  • CentOS
  • Suse
  • FreeBSD


Rules would include:

  • Create local repo on clients so clients will point to the customer's Repository:
Yum stores repository information and configuration files in /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory. Repository configuration files must end with .repo and hold all necessary information to access the repository.
Sample minimal custom repository configuration file is:
[custom] name=custom repository baseurl=http://hostname.domain/repository enabled=1 gpgcheck=0
  • Patch Rules would provide drop down to limit to
    • --Secuity
    • Specific product
    • GroupInstall
    • Remove
    • Downgrade

This list is just a sample...  DEV understands Linux better than I do so use best judgement.


I feel we are missing an opportunity to manage Linux devices better with so few specific Op Rules. With Microsoft continuing to shoot themselves in the foot and customers moving more to Macs and Linux boxes we need to broaden our functionality.

yum-security(8) - Linux man page


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