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Differentiate parameters CPU et MEMORY for VM et ESX

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We want to have a threshold on CPU_Total_Util of KM VSM_CPU_CNTR it is not possible to fix it on all instances.
It's the same case with VSM_MEMORY_V2 KM.

If we want to set a threshold on one parameter off a knowledge module, we can use config var like :

For exemple, ifl I want to set threshold on CPU_Total_Util parameter, I cat set variable :
If we use it, we set the threshold for ESX and for VM.

But if I want to set different threshold betwin VM and ESX, I can set a config for all. I must set with specific variable (One for each VM and one for each ESX).

If I have about 500 VM and 100 ESX, I must specify manualy for each, and when a new ESX or a new VM become, I must set the threshold. Our rules prohibit the use of the KM.

We don't use PKM for Event Management. We only use tuning variable. How can we do ?




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