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Inconsistent Number of Menu Tiers

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Current Behaviour

System Settings --> Application Settings --> Menus


The menu allows a value up to 6 in ‘Number of Tiers’, but when adding values, a maximum of four tiers may be entered (see screen 1).

The back-end for has fields for 6 tiers, however they can only be set via by an administrator directly accessing the back-end form.


Why Important

Inconsistent and confusing user experience.


Request for Enhancement

Option 1

Change ‘Number of Tiers’ to allow the user to set up to 4 tiers.

The UI would be consistent.

Tiers 5 and 6 could still be used by HR Administrators by accessing the backend.

This is a very simple fix.


Option 2

Make all 6 tiers configurable through the front-end UI.

This provides the most flexibility.

It requires more development work.


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