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Send As SMS Needs to be more robust

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TrackIT 11.4 SP1 R1 has the option to "Email Technician\Text Message (SMS)" however it has no real purpose.  Currently, setting up the Text Message SMS is easy enough to do.  However, when this option is selected, the new email message does NOT contain the description of the ticket (subject line) and the body of email only contains text of work order ID.


I am requesting that the SMS text message option be more robust.


Subject line: Work Order Description field


Body: Notes Field, Classification and Schedule (actually everything you would see in a ticket when "Email Requestor" is used)


Body: Includes link to ticket that can be opened from the TrackIT Web



My goal would be to use this option for after-hour support and as another option to contact admins, which when they receive the text message, it is received with information worth using, including the added benefit to get all the information of the ticket, and link to ticket to open in Web View.


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