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FP12: Service Analytics: Request Easier ways to show percentages in reports

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Let's say one has the following requests for a report:


- The percentage of Incidents assigned to a specific agent from all the Incidents.
- The percentage of high priority Incidents.
- The percentage of how many times a specific Category was selected
- The percentage of how many times a specific Sub-Category was selected.


There is currently no easy way to report on percentages in Service Analytics. There are some painful workarounds to achieve the end goal but, customers have noted that it's more difficult to run the reports then it's worth. As such I am requesting an easier process to include percentages in Service Analytics




Workaround: How to Create and Update Custom Report that shows percentage of tickets by Assignee
1. Pre-Conditions:Custom report with following configurations:
Report with configuration as above shows each ticket as a separate row with only one field value, Assignee.
Note: Selected Assignee field should be mandatory with Number of Assignees=1, otherwise tickets might be counted multiple times
2. Steps to visualize percentage of incidents by Assignee:1. Use Aggregate from Filters section:
See that table with Assignee data got one extra row on top with calculated count of:
2. Add the following formula to the report: Where 1 is for each ticket and 3807 is  count of all tickets
See that table got a new column with Percentage (i.e. % of each ticket in total) Note: all values are the same and that’s correct
3. Add the following Chart to the report: See that Bar Chart contains the actual percentage of tickets by Assignees (i.e. % of Incidents assigned to a specific agent from all the Incidents) Note: Value of each bar is visible when mouse cursor is over it
4. When Report needs to be run again:a. Open the report – count value will be updated, e.g. it will become 5226 instead of 3807)b. Remove the Chart as it will contain incorrect values based on previous number of ticketsc. Add new formula same as in step 2 (maybe using date and ticket count value would be useful). d. Add new Chart same as in step 3Note: I didn’t succeed in removing previous formula – message “Cannot remove. It is used in another panel.” is shown even if chart is deleted.
Updated report:
New chart:


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