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SLA calculation based on clients Timezone

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Let's bring the timezone/SLA calculation to an easier setup;


SLA calculations are based on time zones for an account. Tickets are created by people within the same account, but are located in different parts of the world. Remedyforce cannot easily manage SLA calculations (due date recalculations) based on the time zone of a customer.


At the moment this means we need to create a sla for every time zone, so we will end up with for example; UK Email, US, Email, EU Email etc etc


And yes, customer, not user or queueu. The agreements are in place to the business. Solution needs to be in place in 4 hours to the customer... so in his timezone!


Can we make sla calculation based on the client timezone and for user/organisation timezone!!  (Some customer have agreements based on the timezone the service provider is in)


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