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Extend Composite Report Builder to include BiRT Advanced reports

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I have a need to use the Composite Report Builder, and within the reports I am trying to build I need to include "Boiler Plate" pages of data that may vary across customers/Recipients within my organisation.


The way I was hoping to do this was using BiRT to create reports that contain static presentations/content (such as document controls, Scope, Purpose, preformatted Management Summary etc, you know all the boring stuff that ISO auditors love) and slotting them into a Composite Report so that the Composite Report was constructed something like:


Front Cover


Boiler Plate

Boiler Plate

Analyses and Models

Yet more Analyses and models

Boiler Plate


However Composite Report Builder only extends to Basic Reports, not Advanced Reports, so this is not currently an option without fully BiRTing the reports to begin with.


Which reduces flexibility, and leaves me resorting to Cut/Paste in Word again...:(


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