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Broadcast:  Include an option for a static ticker message

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There are some end-users that find the scrolling broadcast message very annoying to their vision and/or concentration because they cannot stop the ticker.  If the Broadcast field "Scroll Message" is unchecked, there is no indication of a posted broadcast message.  The end-user has to click on the broadcast icon 2-3 times a day in order to view potential notifications.



The idea is to replace the "Scroll Message" checkbox field with a picklist selection

  • No Display
  • Scroll
  • Static


The "Static" value will display the a message centered within the ticker area of the Self-Service portal or the RemedyForce Console.



The system administrator or end-user can lower the "ticker speed" to lessen the scrolling impact.


Administrator:  Administration | Configure Self-Service | Banner | Default Ticker Speed = Slow


End-User:  My Profile | User Details | Edit | Preferences | Broadcast Ticker Speed = 1


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