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Baseline capability in SAAM

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Daily run scenario:

The model is built by the configuration management team and approved by the application owner.

The application owner now has ci ownership of the content in the model.

The configuration management team supports the application owner with the maintenance of the content in the model, leveraging the power of the automation that SAAM brings.

The configuration management team has to document what was agreed with the application owner and document any changes to the model.

The application owner will continuously be informed about changes to the model and have the opportunity to highlight if something is incorrect.


Today we have to manually export the content of a model and control the version and the content outside of discovery.

It would be great if we had some functionality in discovery to control the content/definition of a model automatically.


SAAM could really benefit from some sort of baseline/snapshot capability.




  • Compare with snapshot
  • Export to snapshot to file
  • Version control
  • Rollback from snapshot
  • Auto create snapshot at save/publish
  • So on so forth.




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