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AR System: Introduce new 'Menu Refresh' type of 'Cached'

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Within Developer Studio, when defining a 'Menu' you can choose the type of menu refresh, i.e. 'On Connect', 'On Open' or '15min Interval' - however all involve multiple hits on the database on a 'per-user' level.


With Mid Tier (and Smart IT) pushing forward as more of an 'Internet' hosted platform, DB chat should be reduced as much as possible, therefore I'd like to propose a new option called 'Cached' together with a numerical box for 'Timing' (i.e. you might enter "1" for 'once an hour' or "12" for every 12 hours.


On ARS server startup, the menus are preloaded/prefetched so that when a user accesses them, they appear immediately and do not prompt a real-time DB query. When the timing interval is reached for that menu, ARS re-preloads the menu items.


Caution must be taken by developers not to cache menus which have rapidly changing data, but for most purposes this option would improve efficiency, reduce bandwidth and database chat.


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