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Smart-Reporting: Allow role-changes in bulk and/or via interface

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Currently, users' Smart-Reporting-roles can only be changed manually throught the Smart-Reporting-configuration.

This means if you need to change the roles of 700 users, someone is in for a looooong day!


Or what if you manage your users' roles/permission in a separate application and would like to transfer the permission-assignments over to Smart-Reporting via interface? There's no documented way of automating role-assignments in Smart-Reporting. (if I missed it, please let me know)


Does it have to be that way? I say NO!

If you agree, please give this idea an upvote!


A colleague and I found out how to do bulk-changes by fiddling around in the Smart-Reporting DB (see here for details), but it would be nice to have a viable, officially supported way of doing this


Even if we could just have an official statement from BMC saying: "Yes, what you wrote in your post is exactly how it's done, we fully support this and we're going to update our documentation accordingly!", then that would be acceptable for me.


Thank you


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