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Copy/paste feature for policies in CMA

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Currently, it's not safe nor easy exporting a policy in json (btw when you export a policy it always creates a file named after the pnet server...was it too much being able to specify a file name?), manually edit it via notepad++ and then re-upload it hoping it's fine.

Just add a copy/paste function for policies in cma !!


Also when editing policies there should also be copy/paste functions. I've lost count of the times i was editing a policies and had to re-configure everything from scratch when adding new servers or new monitor groups.


For example: Windows servers solution - remote monitoring

I create a group, set a combination of services, cpus, filesystems, check health, check memory, apply all of these configurations to all servers in a list. Real great.

If i need to set a slightly different set of configurations to a servers in a different file, i have to reconfigure everything's from scratch. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to copy/paste the already configured monitor group and change it ?


For example: hpux and linux solution - remote monitoring

copy/paste one target server to a new one, don't make me reconfigure from scratch every single remote server i have to monitor. I want to be sure i have a standard monitoring applied to all servers, if i'm re-configuring every one of them (adding processes, addingfilesystems, addingdisks, addingnetwork interfaces) i will never be sure that they're all configured in the same way. This would only be a workaround to make life easier to proactivenet admins, as thereal deal would be to be able to specify a list of remote servers and apply the same monitoring configurations toall of them like in windows remote monitoring.


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