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Make TrueSight dynamic, agile and open

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In todays dynamic IT infrastructures flexibility is very important. The system management tools must adopt changes fast and easy. This also includes the monitoring tools. TrueSight is certainly not a bad tool (even if the software quality was not satisfactory during the last months) but it laks of agility and openness. There are more and more voices demand open source products not just because there is less on the monetary expense side but because they are open, agil and dynamic. So they can adapt to changes to the IT infrastructure faster and more easy.



  • More Open: Specially the dashboard area should be more open. BMC should give their customer the flexibility to create custom dashlets. A development framework for dashlets should be provided to give the customer this flexibility.


  • More Open: BMC should provide easy to use APIs to perform all functions which are available on the consoles.


  • Agility: Another problem is the release cycle. As a customer we cannot wait 1-2 release cycles or more for requirements to be implemented in the product.


  • Dynamic: Provide builtin mechanisms for automation. For example dynamic distribution of PATROL Agents on ISNs based on number of connected agents (builtin load balancing).


  • Dynamic: Merge-capability in monitoring policies for settings/properties as exclusion/inclusion lists.


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