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Self Service 3.0 - look-up field showing multiple columns

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With the current Self Service, when a look-up field is part of the SRD, the user can see mulitple columns related to this look-up field.

With Self Service 3.0 we would love to have the same functionality. Now it is limited to just see the first column (which is often the ID and not the title/label of the field)


example :

In current Self Service 2.0, when selecting a SRD with a look-up field ('releated release') a pop-up window is showing the different columns : Release #, Release title, Description etc ... :


On our test sandbox, when selecting the same SRD with Self-Service 3.0, only the first column Release # is shown. Since this first column is only the release ID, it is not meaningful for the user. In order to help the user making the correct selection, at least the columns with title and description are required.



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