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Idea to Fix "Condition to Invoke" Screen

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Recently discovered an issue with the Condition to Invoke screen when building a service request. Already worked with support and they suggested creating an Idea.


We have a Input field for Base Element, which filters to Physical Location. There are only 10 locations and the filter works perfect on Self Service Portal form.


We are invoking Templates(Tasks) based on the Location selected. When I first built the form, I had not yet imported thousands of "Systems" into the CMDB. So the value list was not too long and I was able to sift through and find the locations.  Ideally the Value list should be filtered the same as the input field.

After recently importing thousands of new base elements, the Value list is now broken.  You are not guaranteed to find the Base Element you are looking for. There is an unknown limit on the # Values displayed. This absolutely needs to be corrected  either by eliminating the limit, or adding a search option. 

WORKAROUND: The workaround requires that you go into CMDB and update the Base Element that you want to pick. Then when you go into the Condition to Invoke screen, the Value list shows you the most recent updated options.  Could be very time consuming depending on the scenario.



My suggestion is to change the "Condition to invoke" screen to behave like the "Fulfillment Inputs Condition" Screen. This screen lets you actually search.


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