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override the default adapter for AutoPilot-OA-Virtual_Server_Management processes

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I am trying to build a workflow to add a new virtual disk to a Linux VM.  When I attempt to use the AutoPilot-OA-Virtual_Server_Management "Add Disk Space" root-level process, I get a failure in the debugger in BAO because there is no adapter present on the local peer.  I have multiple vCenter environments that I'm working in, and need to be able to specify which vCenter to work against.  I have 2 adapters created in my Grid, but they obviously need to be named differently.  The processes built into the Add Disk Space workflow do not provide a mechanism to override which named adapter to use.


I opened case #00276286 with BMC support on this.  Support management has agreed that this is not consistent with their other default modules that are provided.  They have presented this to the R&D team to correct.  Please vote this up so that it can be addressed in a near-future content update.
Notes about the situation:
The AutoPilot-OA-Virtual_Server_Management module uses a local configuration table in which the adapter name can be specified.  This works well if you only have one vCenter to work with and only have one VMwareInfrastructure adapter defined in the grid and it's named "VMwareInfrastructure."  You can modify this configuration item, but then must update the repository for the module every time you make a change.  Note, these changes will be removed the next time that the module is updated or reinstalled with a content update.
The input parameters allow for a SOAP URL to be defined.  This will allow you to override the URL that the adapter connects to, but does not address the fact that if you have multiple defined VMwareInfrastructure adapters defined in the grid, you can't use them unless they are named the statically defined VMwareInfrastructure adapter in the module.


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