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Rule Base Email engine & ITSM should process incoming HTML emails better

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I would like to see the product enhanced so that the Remedy Rule Based Email engine handles incoming HTML emails better.


As it stands, when an email is submitted to the incoming mailbox to create a request ticket and that email is in HTML format; the RBE takes the HTML Body of the email message (from the AR System Email Messages form) and changes it into plain text and pushes it to the RBE:Messages form. This is done by workflow and filter plugin REMEDY.ARF.HTML2TEXT. The RBE removes the HTML tags and then parses the plain text message to check for action keywords within the message. It then creates the relevant ticket based on the appropriate rules.


The issue experienced by a customer arises when a system generated email in HTML format is sent to Remedy to create an Incident. Within that email there are one or more words of text that have hyperlink(s) embedded within the HTML email. The support agent upon receiving the Incident ticket is expected to access the hyperlink(s) associated with the relevant parts of the text that should be passed onto the ticket that is created. The issue is that these are lost in the conversion from HTML to plain text as the HTML tags are stripped out and no links are clickable in the incident ticket.

The customer is restricted as they can’t have the explicit links in the email message or send them as an attachment.


I would like to see options for the RBE to preserve any embedded hyperlinks and present them with the ticket that is created so that the hyperlinked text/word is clickable when displayed in the ITSM and Smart IT interfaces.


If this is too much of an overhaul or concern, I would at least like to see an admin configurable option to capture and show the original HTML email message body in a Rich Text Field on the ITSM ticket form. The configuration would allow/hide its access from the ITSM and Smart IT user interfaces (e.g. perhaps as a icon/button next to 'Reported Source' on the Incident that opens a dialog showing the originating HTML email message in a read-only RTF enabled field).


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