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Service Broker/DWP Catalog: Add the possibility to restart requests which got stuck with an error

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It might happen that Service Requests will get stuck with an Error after they were submitted (e.g. when the configuration is not correct etc.)


When such a Service Request was provided by Service Broker, the MyIT-User will see this error in the MyIT-Console:

The problem is:

- There is currently no way to restart this Service Request after the root cause has been fixed. So you have to contact the user and ask him to create the same request again. This might be very annoying for the user...

- There is no kind of Administrator-Console where the SB-Admin can check which Requests are stuck. There should be AT LEAST a notification to make the SB-Admin aware that there is a problem!


In good old SRM it was possible to fix the root cause and restart the Request to get the backend-tickets created without the need to ask the user to re-create the request. In Service Broker this functionality is missing and - from my Admin-Point of View - it is definitely needed!!


Regards, Tamara


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