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In Smart IT(version 1.4), When the user performs a search the Resolved Tickets are displayed in the list based on the modified date in descending sort order.

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Problem in Smart IT(version 1.4):  In our environment in Smart IT,under Smart Recorder menu when the user performs a search on his name for the Resolved Tickets that User has worked on,the Resolved ticket list displays the results based on the modified date in descending sort order i.e. User sees the the resolved tickets starting from  the one that he has resolved years back and not the latest one that he has resolved recently.


As per the discussion we had with BMC engineer, this is an Out of Box Behavior and sorting the order in the list is hard coded into Smart It and cannot be updated or changed using the external interface.


Also as per BMC, sorting on the list is based on the "Last Modified Date" and not on the "Last Resolved Date". As a result we found in our environment , in Smart IT under Resolved Tickets section, Old tickets that were resolved years back are displayed first in the List and not the latest ones which is not expected. While further troubleshooting at our end, we found that Remedy Login IDs was changed from X to Y via Data Wizard Tool which has modified old records and as a result we saw Old Records were displayed first based on the Last Modified Date.


BMC also says that as a normal behaviour,when the logs are getting captured in browser logs using F12 in Smart IT, following values should be  displayed is as following:




But while investigating the logs for our case, we saw that the value "sortInfo":{"sortFieldName":"modifiedDate","sortFieldOrder":"DESC" is not displayed and is missing.


So to get this as an enhancement in Product BMC engineer suggested to post this as an IDEA so that it will get addressed globally and voted by other Customers too.


Personally I think we should have a sorting option available so that it will be easy for the Users to check ticket status.




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