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Access for HR Case Approvers

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Provide HR Case approvers with the information that they need to make an approval decision.  This information is from the request’s questions and, if included, from an associated eForm.  This applies to MyIT and the mid-tier client.


Why Important

The approval process does not work if approvers do not have the information on which to base their approval decisions.


Current Behaviour

If an approver does not have access to the Case (i.e. they are not the requester or a member of the assigned group), they provided with almost no information about the request.


Detail available when viewing the list of Approvals


Detail available when viewing an individual Approval



An approver who does not have case access cannot use MyIT to

  • See all comments
  • Add new comment
  • View the answers to any non-eForm questions
  • View any eForms


An approver who does not have case access can use the mid-tier client to

  • Open a case from a link on Approval Central
  • See all case details that do not include drilling-down
    • Journal entries are visible on the Journal page but cannot double-click to view the entries as separate records.


  • Scenario: A MyIT approval has been created for an approver with no access to the HR Case.
    • If the user is subsequently granted access to the HR Case, the approval in MyIT is not ‘upgraded’ with the new access permission. I.e. the user will not see the additional details.  This suggests that HR Case access must be granted before the MyIT approval is created.
  • There appears to be an inconsistency between what is available to approvers via MyIT and the mid-tier client.  If the approver does not have access to an HR Case then, applying row-level-access rules, it would be expected that they would not be able to view the case at all (which they can using the mid-tier).  This suggests a degree of additional case access is available to approvers via the mid-tier client.


Request for Enhancement

An approver should be able to

  1. view the same details as a user who has access to the HR Case (including self-service answers and eForms).
  2. view comments / external journal entries.
  3. add comments / external journal entries.


Conceptually, this could be achieved in two ways.

  1. Grant the ‘role’ of approver additional permission to view the HR Case and related details on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Grant the individual approver access to the HR Case when the approval engine determines that the user is required to approve the case.
    1. Effectively the system is adding the approvers to the ‘Case Access’ page of the HR Case.
    2. See note in earlier section: It appears that this access must be available at the time when the Approval is created and passed to MyIT.


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