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To request confirmation when Modifing a Query with Assigned Objects

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Dear Community,


EDIT based on the comments of this idea.


Whenever any existing query is edited which is used to populate a device group which has assigned objects like operational rule there should be a specific warning message to avoid any unwanted e.g. software or patch roll out.


Right now if you just edit a query the only message you may will see is if the query should be activated but you don't get a hint like:


This query is used for a dynamic devices group which has active assignments

List active assignments:

- Operational Rule - Software deployment

- Patch Job

- Reboot Window

- Transfer Window

Actually there are 300 devices affected when you continue these assignments will be send to 5000 devices. Are you sure?



By a message like this the administrator who is doing this change will be warned and has the chance to check his configuration.

Right now the only question is if the query should be activated or not. So there is a high chance to start an unwanted rollout ORs, Software or patches.




------------- original idea ---------------------

If a new query is created or an existing query is edited and all criterias are removed the result will be everything (depending on the query type).


A customer request is: to changed the default from select all to select nothing to avoid issues with the dynamic groups. Or to display a specific warning message.







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