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Notify action Cc or BCc instead of To recipient

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Note:- Not aware of idea or discussion on the similar situation already exist  or workaround within Remedy AR Server workflow (except use dummy email address and writing rules on exchange server level)



I came across a situation where i need to send out notifications to thousands of recipients  (created group mail aliases each group has over 2K emails) using BCc field. I tested through AR System Mail Message form and it works fine but when i comes to adding workflow to use Notify action and provided BCc field information but left the To field blank. Workflow throw errors To field can't left blank and if provide any field which has blank/null value during runtime same situation.



When email engine picks up the outgoing message without any issue then why Notify action has the limitation to provide To information mandatory.

Would like to request for enhancement in the Notify action to check if any of the three fields (To, Cc , BCc) has value it should send out the notification.


Peter Adams Jason Miller LJ LongWing


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