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Export screens from TrueSight Presentation Server

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Where I work the different teams responsible for developing/running various applications have big monitoring screens that rotate between different views. Typically this is a browser that has been scripted to switch between tabs at certain time intervals. This browser runs on a locked down computer.


We have requests to show screens from TrueSight Presentation Server on these monitors that are preferably:

  • locked down (not clickable)
  • predefined (e.g. time interval preset or certain elements expanded)
  • not using sso to log in (these computers are managed differently, username/password in url works for us though)


It would be nice if a screen could be defined within the GUI where the URL to access this screen would be visible, but it would be OK to create them using an API that just exports the widgets of the TrueSight applications too (we just would like to avoid that work).


The elements we would like to expose are primarily dashboards, list of application statuses and SIM models.


The key benefit for us here would be that the login screens would not require the teams to log on to the screens and re-login when they time out.


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