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Smart IT Ticket Console: Add Operational Categorization to List of selectable Filters

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In addition to several good ideas about enhancements for the ticket console in Smart-IT, I'd like to post this very specific one:

Please, add the 3-tiers of operational categorization to the console filters. Very often people are interested in specific areas which have been specified in the operation categorization of an incident, a change request and so on.

Currently there is no way to filter and display a specific categorization only.


Mid-Tier Change Request


Same information in Smart-IT

No Filter available


As already discussed here

Smart IT - Provide 'Advanced Filter Qualification' box for the 'Ticket Console'

and here

Add Filter Feature to Table Headers ( as available in MS-Excel)


this is not necessarily covered by a SQL query, for many users will not be familiar with that specific syntax.

It is similar to this one: Add Product Name & Product Categorization fields to list of filters in Smart IT Console


Most people simply want so select from a list of predefined fields, quick and easy.

And unfortunately these important fields are missing there.


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