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Advanced Filters for filtering Custom Integrations Events in Dashboards

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Hi All,


Dashboards are really becoming important specially, when it comes to showcase the higher management what is the status of infrastructure at the moment.


We have been creating a lot of dashboards, but have stuck at a point where we need to base the dashlets on basis of advanced filters for the events that are coming from third-party integrations.

The issue is that as the events aren't getting mapped to any device, group or application hence the advanced query fails to fetch the required info. As the events are all based of custom integrations hence there is no way to associate them to any of the above.



So, we think it would be a good enhancement if we can use the advanced filters for custom integrations events or be able to associate them with either groups\application or device category. As this would be really a add up to the current features that dashboards provide, as there are a lot of custom integrations that are done with TrueSight.



Thanks & Regards,

Shweta Jhall


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