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View eForm content on MyIT mobile application

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Enable MyIT mobile device users to make HR approvals for HR Requests that include eForms.


Why Important

This group of users cannot make these HR approvals on MyIT mobile devices because they have insufficient information.


Current Behaviour

MyIT HR Requests that contain eForms cannot be submitted on mobile devices.  Users that access MyIT from a mobile device may be approvers for requests.  They have access to the approval but they cannot view the eForm that contains much of the request’s detail.  It is (invariably) this detail that the approver must consider in order to come to an approval or rejection decision.


Request for Enhancement

Options in order of preference:

  1. Make the eForm’s GUI content viewable (even if only in read-only format) on the MyIT mobile application.
  2. Make a text summary of the eForm’s content available to MyIT on mobile devices.

Note: To some extent, option 2 may be achieved by customising the existing system to automatically create an HR Case journal entry containing a text summary of the eForm’s content.  This journal entry is available to be viewed on the mobile client.


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