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Customise icon & text associated with eForm's 'Next' button

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Current Behaviour

Step 1: User completes an eForm’s required fields and clicks the ‘Next’ button.

eForm Next button.png

The system displays: (Green tick) + “Questions successfully submitted”.

eForm with Success message.png

Step 2: User scrolls to the bottom of the request and clicks ‘Submit Request’.  The request is submitted.



Request for Enhancement

In order of preference:

  1. Can there be one submit button that will save the eForm and submit the request?
    1. This is useful when the solution contains one eForm and no additional questions.
  2. Can the message displayed after the ‘Next’ button is clicked be changed?  E.g.

(Warning icon) + Text: Form details recorded. Please enter any instructions for the service desk and then click ‘Submit Request’.

    1. This is useful when the solution contains questions in addition to an eForm.



Improve the user experience for requests that include eForms.  Avoid confusion.  Increase user acceptance.


Why Important

This has been flagged by the UX team.  Our customer is concerned that the default green tick/check and ‘success’ message may lead the user to believe that they have successfully submitted the request and there is nothing more for them to do.  They may close the request dialog without saving the request (there is no warning to prevent a user from doing this).  Even if they do not close the request, they may still be confused after reading the default message.  Depending on the size of the device’s screen and how the user scrolls the screen, it may take some time for them to navigate to the end of the form and discover the final ‘submit request’ button.


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