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UDM - Ability to build and import Service Targets with related Milestones and Actions

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UDM contains a workbook - SLM-SErvice_Target_Template.xls. In the documentation we are told to not use it. Why is it there if it is not supported? In looking at it, I see that the instructions are very much lacking and the most common milestone action - email notification is not supported. Please fully support the load of Service Targets. It is very time consuming to create them all by hand then export them from Dev to move to other environments. BMC sells Service Level Management as a robust value add yet only provides the console to manually build the targets. I routinely build the targets and milestones in a spreadsheet where I can show the customer what they need and easily use copy/paste/replace to set up sets like those based on priority or to set up different email messages based on the subject, milestone, etc. To then have to turn around and input it all manually is a waste of resources.


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