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DWP/DWP Catalog - Enrich shared SRD URL with question parameter

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it would be very innovative if the URL for a shared SRD like http://myitserver/ux/rest/share/OJSXG33VOJRWKSLEHVJVER2BIE2VMMCHKNFTCV2BJ43DSRKHIFHTKTRVJJJFUM2LJQTHEZLTN52XEY3FKR4XAZJ5KNJEIJTUMVXGC3TUJFSD2MBQGAYDAMBQGAYDAMBQGAYDCJTDN5XHIZLYORKHS4DFHVBUCVCBJRHUOX2IJ5GUK=== can be enriched with parameter for a question similar to Smart-IT with client URL actions like "&[SRDQUESTIONINSTANCEID=AHFGHGHDJDJDJ8475GHG&FG==[CINAME)"


One example:

You open an existing asset (database CI =database0815) in Smart-IT. Based on an asset action you can click on Update Database.

With this action the SRD will be displayed and the CI name "database0815" will be automatically set in the SRD question "Please select the database".

Just for complex backend workflows which can be handled in DWPC it makes sense to have this feature.


I will also create the Idea for Smart-IT, because some code enhancements are required in Smart-IT as well.

Smart-IT - Asset client action to open SRD URL with question parameter


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