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Provide an option to allow changes to the AR Server 9.x JDBC connection string

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In versions of Remedy before 9.x the server used a native client to provide connectivity to the database.  This allowed for the configuration of additional features such as encryption and high availability/fail over for clustered databases.  From version 9.0 onward the server uses a JDBC client and, whilst these clients also support these features, it is necessary to modify the JDBC connection string to enable them.  At present the JDBC connection string used by the server is hard coded and there is no option to add the extra configuration items that are required to do so.


This idea is to request a method to allow changes to the JDBC connection string to enable the use of any additional features that may be available.



Features Specific to JDBC Thin

Connecting with SSL Encryption


How can the AR Server 9.x encrypt its DB connection to Oracle?

Remedy 9.x- JDBC Connection String

Oracle's TAF (Transparent Application Failover) with 9.0.x


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