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ERROR - Multi-Select picklists in Console do not show help text

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UPDATE: This was submitted as a defect under case 275716 for our organization and support deemed it to be a defect.  They submitted the issue as Defect 81740 and said that their DEV and PM will review the Defect for fix in an upcoming version of the product.


This really isn't an idea like an enhancement - this is more of an issue that is a correction that should be made as soon as possible.


In Remedyforce Console, the help bubbles no longer exist and a user must hover over a field to see the help text.  I discovered this morning when hovering over a multi-select picklist field that the help text is not being shown; it instead appears to show the webpage elements that make up a multi-select picklist field:

My screen capture software won't capture the other pop-ups, but

- hovering over the Chosen box says "Line of Business Impact - Chosen"

- hovering over the > button says " Add"

- hovering over the < button says "Remove"

I cannot find any spot on or by the Line of Business Impact field where my help text will appear.


Here's my help text for this field:


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