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More control over saved searches, Dashboards and Notifications

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Is there a way to add more control over who can see certain saved searched, or at the very least Dashboards and Notifications.


I have Basic users that should be able to see some Dashboards, but they can click on all of the dashboards that just get in the way because they are not allowed to view the data anyways.  It would be great if I can say, these groups can few these dashboards displayed.  It would also help with sharing dashboards rather then export a dashboard and it's related content and then importing it.


Also the same needs to be done when it comes to Notifications.  Sometimes the notifications need to be changed, and people go on vacations, or leave a company.  Not able to do that through the GUI.



If you can give ownership of these things to a group rather then just an individual.  Then also choose which groups can view these things.  Kind of like how Data Collector works.


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