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SAAM improvment

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According to comment from Antonio here:, I open this new idea based on my comment:


I try to use the context of this idea to extend a little bit the scope. I started to work on SAAM, but because of the too big visualization it's almost impossible to create model very fast.


Would it be possible to consider the following


  • Add a "live" parameter to configure the number of expansion level starting from the current CI. This parameter will manage the number of hops we will display, in order to not be disturb by too many CIs.
  • Add a function to expand only a subset of CIs. For instance when a database SoftwareInstance contains 100 databases and we are interested in only one, it's currently very difficult to extend everything and search for what we want
  • Eventually add a "quick search" field in the graph to be able to quickly know where a CI is on the graph.





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