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RSSO web service authentication for consuming Remedy's Interfaces (SOAP & REST)

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REST & SOAP interfaces are very handy when it comes to integrating Remedy. It should be a must for BMC to offer integrated and SECURE (read Kerberos) authentication.

It’s astonishing that for years, SOAP WS Authentication never made it into ASSO. And it doesn’t seems to be anywhere close for the new REST API & RSSO.


I mean, from the most simple PowerShell/Batch script to the most complex .NET/Java/Windows/UNIX Service integration relying on WS, it will be cool to simply run them with proper secure credentials and not have to store a Generic Password somewhere (read a good old PLAIN text file).

BTW, how many of us properly encrypt them? And I’m not even mentioning those who are still using simple Bind authentication on clear channels between AREA & the ADs… lol


For your consideration…

Greetings to all.



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